Officials from Guadalajara de Jalisco visit REMAR NGO projects.

We have received a visit from the Attorney General for the Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents of the Municipality of Guadalajara Jalisco.

Rowing in Mexico is working with a focus on helping women, specifically in two areas. Programs are being developed to care for girls and women victims of sexual abuse, and also giving help to migrant girls, who cross the countries of Central America, through Mexico, vulnerable to many dangers, on their way to the United States.

Why is it important to talk about gender violence in Mexico, especially in the city of Jalisco? Because according to information from national entities, 74% of women in Jalisco have suffered some type or modality of violence throughout their lives.

This is a dramatic situation, many women have suffered and suffer violence, and live in fear. In order to provide solutions, and to be able to help so many victims, REMAR México is launching programs for the comprehensive care of girls and women.

Remar municipio Guadalajara

Remar municipio Guadalajara 2

Remar operates family homes specifically for the reception and care of girls and women victims of sexual abuse, where they are supported in all areas, working with the focus of supporting their complete physical, emotional and spiritual restoration.

We are also working on agreements with entities of the Jalisco municipality, to provide care for migrant girls from Central America.

Violence, poverty and limited access to social services and quality education affect the lives of girls, boys and adolescents in Latin America. This forces them to make the difficult decision to leave their countries. In many cases, children travel alone through Mexico to the border with the United States to reunite with their relatives who live in that country or in search of a better life.

During this journey, migrant children are vulnerable to many dangerous situations that can violate their rights.

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