Our program aimed at children is developed through a foster home where children’s basic needs are covered, needs such as housing, feeding, education, recreation, etc., building and providing a suitable environment for them to grow.

Abandoned children, children of single mothers, the sick, orphans and children who must preventively live apart from their parents due to exceptional emergency circumstances enter these homes.

The first objective is to cover the lack of a father and / or mother, for which it has been established that the care of children is carried out through responsible personnel who attend to those who enter, it should be clarified that these people live within the home, they are Volunteers who work full time in the institution thus forming the intervention team, taking care of giving them love and warmth, as well as the direction and discipline they need at all times. Once the minor is located and through personalized monitoring, an attempt is made to integrate the child into the educational system if age allows it, as well as in the other programs of the center.

PANES (Project for the Sponsorship of Children with Specific Needs)

Through which we attract partners and benefactors who with their contribution can contribute to the social cause and improve the lives of children.

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