REMAR SOS in Guadalajara México

REMAR SOS in Guadalajara México, consists of the distribution of food every day in the most disadvantaged areas of the city.

The NGO REMAR arrived in Mexico in 1995, developing rehabilitation and reintegration programs for people with addiction problems, as well as support for women and children, becoming present in different cities of the country such as Nuevo Laredo, Chetumal or Puebla, where we serve more than 1,500 people.

Currently REMAR is present in the three most important cities in the country: Monterrey, México D.F. and Guadalajara, having its main headquarters in the latter. Guadalajara is a city, municipality, and capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco.


REMAR SOS volunteers in Guadalajara Mexico are in charge of collecting food and delivering it to help families in need.

The situation that we are experiencing due to coronavirus, has as its consequences, a health, economic and social crisis, consequences that are also being suffered in this country.

Mexico is the fourth country with the most deaths from COVID-19, where almost 75,000 people have already died, and it is also seeing how those who fight on the front line against the virus are dramatically affected. Mexican health personnel are at the top of the list of deaths during the pandemic in the list of countries analyzed in recent reports by Amnesty International and The Lancet.

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