The hope that some call home

Because WE SEE, WE GO… This is a reality that moves us to act, REMAR is fundamentally constituted for social, moral, educational, material and spiritual help to marginalized people. This help is tailored to the needs of each person it is voluntary and free.


The NGO REMAR arrived to Mexico from Spain back in 1995 with the purpose of establishing social action programs for the aid, promotion and development of marginalized people.

It is dedicated to fight against injustice, drug addiction, hunger, poor nutrition, misery, disease, underdevelopment, illiteracy, child abuse, abandonment, violence, crime and its root causes.

This is only possible with God’s help and the support of volunteer collaborators who dedicate their life to the service of others.


Programas de rehabilitación REMMAR

Rehabilitation program

Three phases structured program:
FIRST – Detox and Recovery (a five months period in a family home at the country side).
SECOND – Rehabilitation, THIRD – Reintegration.

Children Aimed Program

A foster home program where children’s basic needs are covered, needs such as housing, feeding, education, recreation, etc., building and providing a suitable environment for them to grow.

Woman Assist Program

A foster home program that provides women with shelter and protection along with trainings that will provide them with new skills that will improve their and their children’s living conditions.

Comedores sociales REMAR México

REMAR in the community program

Family Protection Program. Support for food pantries that are distributed to vulnerable sectors of our community. Soup kitchens with distribution of food rations to vulnerable groups.

V.E.M.O.S Volunteer program

V.E.M.O.S is an open door for anyone who wants to collaborate with REMAR in Mexico (or any other country where we have a presence) could sing on as a full-time volunteer, any kind of help is appreciated.

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