Three phases structured program

First (Detox and recovery)

A five months period in a family home at the country side away from the city in which it is achieved:

  • The recognition of the problem and its causes at the individual level.
  • The establishment of a strategy for solving the problem.
  • The acquisition of self-discipline in terms of hygiene habits, food, behavior, schedules, among others.
  • Establishment of basic social relationships and group performance.
  • Restoration of moral and ethical values.

Second (Rehabilitation)

In this phase, the problems that led the person to addiction are treated more closely through more personalized therapies. This phase lasts six months. The interns begin to develop jobs according to their professions, aspirations and talents, developing favorable attitudes for early reintegration. In these centers, the family and conjugal relationship is also stimulated.

Reinserción en Programa de rehabilitación

Third (Reintegration)

It comprises a period of six months according to individual performance, here some responsibilities are acquired that test and train people, giving them margins of confidence that help raise their self-esteem and participate in the burdens of the community and are exercised in different training workshops professional; Learning a practical and useful trade improves your chances of development in society.

Reinserción en Programa de rehabilitación

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