Rowing in Mexico has received a visit from the Ambassador of Ivory Coast

The directors of REMAR’S social work in Mexico have met with various personalities and representatives of the Government of the Ivory Coast in Mexico. During that visit they had the honor of receiving the Ambassador of the Ivory Coast in Mexico, Djerou and Robert, the First Counselor, Foua Bi irie Gaëtan, the Consul of Acapulco and Mr. Kouame yves Hermann Homawoo.

This interview has served to publicize the work carried out by the NGO REMAR in various countries and propose joint projects.

REMAR México is developing projects with a focus on helping women and children, helping migrant children, and developing care programs for girls and women who have been victims of sexual abuse, such as the construction of the La Morada home for girls and women, where they will receive comprehensive care.

Thanks to the interest and involvement of different representatives of mayors and governments such as the Ambassador of the Ivory Coast, the projects that REMAR develops in favor of the most needy population can be made known, and new objectives can be proposed.

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