The hope that some call home

Because WE SEE, WE GO… This is a reality that moves us to act, REMAR is fundamentally constituted for social, moral, educational, material and spiritual help to marginalized people. This help is tailored to the needs of each person it is voluntary and free.


The NGO REMAR arrived to Mexico from Spain back in 1995 with the purpose of establishing social action programs for the aid, promotion and development of marginalized people.

It is dedicated to fight against injustice, drug addiction, hunger, poor nutrition, misery, disease, underdevelopment, illiteracy, child abuse, abandonment, violence, crime and its root causes.

This is only possible with God’s help and the support of volunteer collaborators who dedicate their life to the service of others.

Programas dirigidos a la infancia

Where does REMAR work?

(How, when and where the benefit will take place)

Remar Occidente A.C. currently works in two of the main cities in Mexico; Guadalajara and Monterrey, developing our work mainly in vulnerable areas of cities with high rates of poverty or marginalization, also in coordination with public agencies such as the DIF, Procuradurías and other Civil Associations that may require our support.


Legal framework

At present we are legally constituted as Remar Occidente A.C, on September 18, 2009, according to public deed No. 12,985; Volume LVIII, book I of the notary public N ° 31 of Zapopan Jalisco, we have a registration with the IJAS N ° 2347 and a unique registration code with Sedesol ROC09092314018 also since December 2011 we have authorization issued by the SAT to issue deductible receipts of taxes.



REMAR's mission is to improve the living conditions of children, families and communities in vulnerable or poor situations, through self-sustaining comprehensive development projects and awareness-raising activities, with the ultimate aim of promoting structural changes that contribute to the eradication of poverty, ignorance, prejudice, lack of solidarity, indifference and the crisis of human and Christian values.



In our work plans there are no limits in terms of the number of places or in terms of their time spent in our centers, so our perspective is to be constantly growing by training volunteers who, with their love and work, lay firm foundations in expansion. of the social work.



Our main value is LOVE for God and neighbor, which moves us to solidarity, respect and mutual help, defending the noble cause of work and service. ¨ To God he who gives to the poor lends and the good that he has done will be paid back to him prov. 19:17